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Elegance & Passion for Discerning Gentlemen (Check out my VIDEOS in the photo gallery below and on my website!) I am not a provider. I am a companion and contemporary courtesan. I dont see hobbyists. I date gentlemen and enjoy every minute of it. This is my lifestyle and livelihood, and I find it incredibly rewarding and fun Delhi escorts. I consider our intimacies a great honor and decadent indulgence and aspire to make them as special for you, therefore I schedule few engagements and solely with like-minded, discerning patrons. I am authentic, passionate and responsive. I respect my patrons too much to be fake, and value our time together too much to be superficial Delhi independent escorts. I believe emotional and intellectual stimulation intensify physical connections so I take time to establish chemistry and rapport. Getting to know each other is a vital component to genuine intimacy so my engagements always begin with dining and socializing. Im college educated, well-traveled, and well-read, and I prioritize a healthy lifestyle Delhi escorts service. When Im not traveling with established patrons, or meeting the rare new client, my days revolve around my creative passions and yoga practice. My work is an intricate part of who I am, and makes possible everything wonderful in my world. I offer luxurious, sensual engagements for men desiring a holistic experience with an experienced whole (well-rounded, self-aware) woman. Having lived a very full life I understand how lonely and stressful it can be. My patrons enrich my life to such an extent that I find great joy in providing respite from those burdens. Please note, while I consider all thoughtful requests I find the best chemistry with mature gentlemen (over 50) and only rarely meet with anyone younger. But enough about me escorts in Delhi. You are honest, respectful, kind, affluent. You may be happy-go-lucky or a bit high strung, super suave or socially awkward (which I happen to find charming) but you know how to treat a lady, in return for which you rightfully expect to be appreciated, cared for and desired. You want authenticity in your date, genuine warmth and affection. You crave the excitement of someone new as well as the comfort of commonality. You appreciate seduction as a natural outgrowth of emotional connection and intellectual stimulation Delhi escorts service. You deserve a woman as passionate about you as you are about her. Women like me are rare, yet you should never settle for less.

Secretive, seductive, and skilled in the art of companionship Hi, Thanks for stopping by. Im just the thing youve been missing in your life. Im upbeat, sweet, exciting and enticing. Lets meet and play have some fun and drift off into wherever you want to go next. Im your companion, your temptress, your friend, your lover or whatever your hearts desire in between Delhi female escorts. Let me entertain youit would be my pleasure. I love to keep your senses engaged while providing a stress-free and soothing arrangement. I love conversation, and also enjoy to massage and nurture you with my hands or


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